Rebelle Rally and Renewable Innovations Puts Off-Grid Green, Electric Vehicle Charging on Center Stage at the Longest Competitive Rally in the U.S.

August 11, 2021 (Reno, NV) – The Rebelle Rally announced the return of green power leader Renewable Innovations (RI) as the key partner of their sustainability efforts for the longest competitive rally in the United States. RI, based in Utah, is the leader in providing scalable green power any time, anywhere. The company will provide services to the Electrified Designation of vehicles and power three base camps on the course with solar.

Remotely Powering Electrified Vehicles with Hydrogen

The electric vehicle market is rapidly advancing, but much of the focus has been in densely populated areas with short drives and abundant low power charging stations. The Rebelle Rally could not be a greater contrast, covering over 2,500 kilometers of remote terrain over eight days of competition. “I have always wanted to include electric and hybrid vehicles in the rally, but it wasn’t feasible without a partner like Renewable Innovations,” Rebelle Rally founder Emily Miller confided. The Electrified Designation was introduced at the Rebelle Rally in 2020 as a proof of concept, with two initial entries. The goal of the Rally and founder was to provide a real world test for electrified vehicles. “This is a proving ground,” Miller explained. “It’s important for electric vehicles and all manufacturers who are interested in testing their vehicles in the crucible of competition.” One of the many distinctions between the Rebelle Rally and traditional off-road racing is that the competing vehicles are completely stock - not modified racecars. These are four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles that people drive every day. The rally puts the electrified vehicles in a head-to-head competition and not in a separate vehicle class. The event isn’t based on overall speed but a points competition based on smart driving and precise navigation, leveling the playing field for EVs and PHEVs to compete directly against combustion engine vehicles.

Both the Rivian R1T in the 4x4 Class and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in the X-CrossTM Class powered their way to strong finishes in the overall standings when the dust settled. Other event promoters in the off-road sphere took notice and added their own classes for EVs shortly after the Rebelle Rally. Enter Renewable Innovations – led by Robert Mount, a pioneer in renewable energy and hydrogen fuel cell commercialization. Mount is well known for collaboration with leaders in renewable energy solutions across the globe and has a long history of working with the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Department of Transportation. Their state-of-the-art facilities in Lindon and American Fork, Utah house equipment maintenance, manufacturing, and research and development. “I reviewed a lot of different proposals in my search for an energy partner,” Miller revealed. “No one came close to the experience, organization, and contingencies provided by Renewable Innovations. To call them a partner is an understatement; they are an integral part of the success of the Rebelle Rally.”

This year will see more electrified entries at the Rebelle Rally. The rally course is a well-guarded secret, making power supply a challenge. Traditional vehicles with internal combustion engines are fueled by Amber Racing Services, which brings a tanker truck to the rally. Electric vehicles are refueled by Renewable Innovations via their EV Mobile Energy Command unit (EV-MEC).

“As partners, we are delivering upon our shared vision and commitment to scalable, remote, renewable power. For the Rebelle Rally, this is the most extensive mobile, grid-free, green rapid charging and renewable operations we know to exist at this magnitude," said Bob Mount, CEO of Renewable Innovations. “And better yet, it is showcasing and testing the vehicles that consumers actually can buy, not prototypes.”

The MEC-EV is fully self-contained and capable of providing 500 kW of DC rapid charging, 240kW of H2 FC Power, 700 kWhs of battery capacity, 500 kW of AC power, and over 15,000 kW hours of power per hydrogen supply.

Electrifying Green Base Camps with Solar

The Electrified competitors aren’t the only ones who benefit from Renewable Innovations’ technology though. Rebelle Rally base camps will be powered by the Solar Mobile Energy Command center (S-MEC) this year. This 53-foot mobile powerplant features high density solar panels and Smartflowers on each side that follow the sun through its path across the sky to deliver 50 kilowatts of peak power, and 250 kWhs of battery storage. Enough to power 6 homes all day long.

About Renewable Innovations:

Our goal at Renewable Innovations is to accelerate the growth and opportunities within the renewable economy. Our team of industry leaders brings extensive experience and invaluable connections across the Renewable, Hydrogen, and Alternative Energy sectors. Along with our partners, investors, and clients, we are making major technological advancements with products and solutions to lead the world into a new and exciting carbon-free future.

About the Rebelle Rally:

The Rebelle Rally is the longest competitive off-road rally in the United States. Traversing over 2,500 kilometers through Nevada and California’s iconic terrain, it is an endurance competition for women consisting of precision driving and navigating - not fastest speed. The competition is innovative and unique, using maps, compass, roadbooks and strategy - known as Rebelle Format. GPS and other electronic devices are strictly prohibited. Remote and off-grid for eight competition days, the Rebelle Rally is considered a providing ground for people, products and stock manufacturer vehicles. Follow live October 7-16, 2021 @