The Rebelle Rally is long in duration and distance. It is remote, challenging, and requires reliable, quality communications for our safety and operations to function and succeed. We move quickly over long distances and have supporting dispatch and logistics located offsite in other states. Our requirements led us to a simple, proven, top-quality solution - Icom’s Iridium-enabled Satellite Push To Talk (PTT).

  • Reliable satellite communications
  • Iridium connected
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Simple operation
  • Clear communications with low latency
  • Multiple talk groups
"Not only does Icom build an exceptional product, their service and expertise is unparalleled. I breathe easier knowing our staff communications are powered by Icom and Iridium. Once we started using Icom SATELLITE PTTs, our communications become seamless and reliable.
- Emily Miller, Rally Founder and Director